25 Sep 2005


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The titular spymaster Ali Imran is a man in his twenties (27 to be precise) who is the chief of the “Secret Service” (an organization which is dedicated to protect the country from spies and criminals belonging to other countries). He is known to his subordinates in his organization as X-2. Although, they are not aware that Imran is X-2. No one has ever seen X-2, since he rarely appears in front of them and when he appears he is wearing a black mask and black tight clothes that completely obscures his face, and being an expert at changing identities, he also completely changes his voice before addressing them. The rest of the time X-2 either contacts his subordinates through transmitter or telephone. Imran also happens to be the only son of the Director General of the Police, Mr. Rehman. Imran was appointed by and reports directly to the Defense Minister, who is the only government official other than the Prime minister, who is one of the only three persons aware of Imran's true identity as X-2

Imran is a guy with a great character, who has extremely high sex appeal. He has got a nice, muscular body and looks stunning. But he always appears in front of everyone as a stupid person. His face looks so good but his expression says that he’s the stupidest men on the earth. This is because he never shows his “true side” of anyone as he knows that it will not be good for his career which is far dearer to him than his life. So he is always acting stupid, insane and funny. So, the readers keep on laughing on his every action. Even his father, Mr. Rehman is so sick and tired of him that he kicked him from his house. In his opinion, Imran is a very stupid person who is of no use so he doesn’t want to relate himself with him. Because even when Imran is standing in some big personalities, he’s always doing some stupid things and acting funny which makes some of the people get irritated and some of them couldn’t help themselves laughing. This is what made Mr. Rehman kick Imran out of the house as it was not good for his reputation. Though on some occasions Imran has opened his father’s eyes and his father couldn’t help himself praising him, his efforts and his bravery. But the next second, Imran has done something really stupid which made Mr. Rehman again very mad with him. Imran’s mother (whom Imran call “Amma Bi”) loves her son (though she often beats Imran with her sandal). Imran has also got to sister named “Suriya” who is also sick and tired of Imran. Cause like a typical elder brother, Imran always messes around with her.

X-2 is considered to be the most responsible man of the country. Who have many responsibilities on his shoulder. That is, to protect the nation with the enemy. All the members of the Secret Service think that X-2 is some kind of spirit. Because he is never sleeping. Any member can get a call from X-2 in the middle of the night with some orders and they have to do it immediately no matter what. This thing made all the members believe that X-2 is always awake and ready to defend his country. X-2 has promised them they he will be watching them every second and if they’re in trouble he will definitely help them. They know that X-2 is very powerful because on many occasions where they thought they will be dead, there something impossible has happened and they were saved. The members are also scared of X-2 because there are certain rules which they strictly have to obey when they are on duty and if they break them, no matter where they are, X-2 is going to know about it and he (X-2)will punish them for doing so. Like on duty, they are not allowed to drink or be in women. X-2 never appears in front of his subordinates. Though he contact them on a transmitter or telephone. Juliana (an agent of X-2) is the one who conveys all of the messages of X-2 to the other agents. Only the Secret Service members knows the telephone numbers of X-2 as these numbers are very secret and are not found in regular telephone directory. X-2 has a whole different system of telephone lining.

Imran is a good Muslim, and like a good Muslim, he never drinks, never smokes and never has sex (since he is not married), despite the fact that he is constantly being afforded opportunities, sometimes by women who are really interested in him, and sometimes by women, who are really spies. The biggest, most powerful and most cruel female criminal “T3B” (“Theresia Bumble Bee Of Bohimiya”) is in deep love with Imran and on two occasion she also kissed him on his forehead but Imran never felt for her. And Imran being “Imran” messes around with Theresia too (like ever other girl who falls in love with Imran), while all the subordinates and other criminals of T3B are dead scared of her. And she herself admits and no one in the world has the courage to call her Theresia as every one calls her Madam Theresia.

Imran is fiercely patriotic and has no qualms to do anything whatsoever to protect his country, which was never named in any of the books. Imran, actually, is portrayed as someone who is so preoccupied with fighting spies working against his country, that he simply has no time for trivial things like love or romance, or marriage, or settling down with a family. Imran's only priority in life is to defend his homeland from its enemies, and everything else comes second to that.

Imran has multiple degrees from Oxford University. In fact, frequently he states his credentials, when introducing himself to characters he meets for the first time, as “I am Ali Imran, M.Sc., Ph.D. OxUn” - but he does so in a really comical way, making the other person think that either Imran is a lunatic, a retard, or he is simply lying, which of course, he is not. As a matter of fact, he is a brilliant student of science as on many occasions he has made his own weapons and stuff.

Imran dresses eccentrically, e.g. he might wear a pink coat, with a light green shirt, a yellow necktie, a white pants, and a purple flat hat with a red rose in it. This is referred to by the author as Imran's Technicolor outfit. That doesn’t mean that Imran is always like this. Though, when required, he wears an extremely expensive suit which is beyond the reach of even rich personalities. And in that suit, no doubt, Imran looks stunning.

Imran has a habit of putting on an act of really stupid, almost asinine behaviour, in order to psychologically disarm the people he suspects of a crime or other anti-state behavior. Once the people let their guard down, they dismiss him as a non-threat and let him 'bumble' about, all the while unaware, that Imran is secretly laying a trap around them. They only find out about Imran's true deviousness when they are caught suddenly and without having a chance to do anything about it. They usually regret that they had not underestimated Imran and had 'taken care' of him sooner, when they had him in their sights. Every time when Imran catches a criminal, he always finds some evidence which can prove in the court that the person Imran has arrested is a criminal.

Imran lives in a modest flat, along with three of his employees. These are his cook “Suleman”, his cook's wife, and his personal body guard, an African (Naegro) named Joseph. Imran is always messing around with Suleman, his cook about the food he made and that conversation between Imran and Suleman is very funny. Many characters in the novel have mentioned that why Imran is so “free” with his servants. When Sir Rahman kicked Imran out of the house, from that time, his faithful cook Suleman is with him. Joseph is always in a military uniform with two gun holsters on each side, carrying two identical loaded revolvers. Joseph is insanely alcoholic and begins each day by gulping down half a bottle of whiskey, which 'opens his eyes'. If Joseph does not get his ale, he goes into a deep depression and begins to act strangely, though still remaining furiously loyal to Imran, no matter what happens. Imran cares deeply about Joseph, and over the years has been mixing other stuff in Joseph's whiskey, to the extent that now, Joseph only thinks that he is alcoholic and in fact, what he drinks as whiskey is no longer whiskey at all, but other non-addictive drinks. So here too, Imran doesn’t do anything which makes him a bad Muslim”. Before meeting Imran, Joseph was a heavyweight champion in boxing. He is a very powerful man. His theory of life was, if a person beets him in a “freestyle” fight (where anything goes on – like a street fight), then he’ll work for that person for the rest of life and consider that person as his “Boss”. In the novel “Chalees Aik Bawan”, the writer has shown that Joseph is a servant of another very powerful criminal. In that novel, Imran not only defeated Joseph’s Boss but he also defeated Joseph very badly. Since then, Joseph never left him and since then, he has always call Imran, “Boss”. Joseph cares about Imran very much that he not only consider Imran as his Boss, but he also consider as his “Father” as Imran also cares about him so much.

Imran is a member of many clubs of the country where he lives. These clubs not only include the most expensive clubs in the country but he also is the member of ordinary clubs. Though Imran, here too, never drinks, nor has sex or do something else which proves that he is not a good Muslim. Most of the time, when he goes to a club, he is in his “Technicolor dress” and people starts laughing at him and people thinks that he’s joking but he looks so serious that the next moment peoples got to shut their mouth. Many girls in the clubs try to get his attention, but he, as usual, ignores them completely.

Imran has got many authorities and he has got it from Sir Sultan (Defense Minister, who is the only government official other than the Prime minister). His whole team (the Secret Service) is registered. Means that if an agent of X-2 inquires about something, even Sir Sultan has to answer it no matter what they ask. People know that there is a “team” who has captured many criminals but no one knows who are the member and the leader of that team. Even Imran’s father Mr. Rehman also doesn’t know that though he has heard about X-2. Sir Rehman is a very old friend of Sir Sultan but he’s junior than him, which makes Sir Rehman junior than his own son “X-2”. So if Imran does something unofficial, and police tries to catch him, they get the notice by Sir Sultan that they should better stay out of this. And then even Sir Rehman can’t do anything about it. Though, at one point, when X-2 was addressing Juliana (a member of Secret Service) says that Sir Sultan is nothing as compared of him. He further said that whenever he wants, Sir Sultan would be out of his position. And it is also possible for Imran to dismiss Sir Sultan because he knows some of the secrets of Sir Sultan that could result firing him out of his position. Sir Sultan knows that Imran knows all his secrets but he has confidence that Imran will never do such thing, as Imran respects him by his heart. Even Imran’s bodyguard Joseph has the write to shoot anyone who tries to touch Imran’s possessions without the presence of Imran himself.

This is the best quality of Imran that whenever he is in action or in fight with a criminal, he never get angry. He is always in a cool mind. As a matter of fact, when he is fighting, other people start laughing because it looks like that Imran is making fun of that criminal. But at some occasions, when there was no one there to see Imran fights, he then fights in his own, serious way and that is unbelievable. “Theresia” (one of the biggest and most cruel and most dangerous female criminal of the world) started clapping when she first say Imran into action as he was beating lots of bad guys when he was alone and no one was there to help him. Though, personally Imran never wants to fight and most of the time he tries to catch the criminal alive.

Ali Imran has got a very good sense of humour. There were many moments in the novel when all the members of Secret Service were in a very bad condition, but at that point too Imran never gives up joking and making everyone happy. He never gets angry and always in a good mood.

Imran has many amazing abilities and one of them is the ability to dodge bullets which is called “Sung Art” which he learned from his nemesis “Sung Hee”, described as the most powerful and biggest Chinese criminal and spy in the novel (both in Imran Series and Jaasoosi Duniya). When Imran first saw Sung Hee, doing that, he was quite amazed but Imran being so clever, learned that art from him, without even letting him know that he is actually learning. Sung Hee thought that Imran is getting impress by seeing him doing his own created art. So he kept on showing him which is exactly what Imran wanted at that moment and after wasting some of the rounds of the revolver, Imran got the whole idea of Sung Art. And as Sung Hee stops showing him the “Sung Art”, Imran laughs and says this is not so difficult and that he can also do it. Sung Hee laughs at it and says that only he knows how to do it. But Imran convince him to shoot him. As Sung Hee starts shooting him, Imran starts showing him his own creation “Sung Art” and he put Sung in a very shameful position. Sung Hee was very disappointed + ashamed at that moment.

Imran has also the ability to speak many different languages. He can not only speak language but also can speak as a native of that country in which that language is spoken.

One of the best quality of Imran is that he is a master of Make-up (both general and plastic). He can change anyone’s face completely. He can not only change the face, but can also change “the way he walks” that no one in the world can recognize him. As some people are much trained and they can identify the person only by the way he walks. Imran cannot only do make up but can also identify the person who has done a make up, no matter how good it is, and he do that not only by the way he walks (because sometimes other people can also change the way he walks) but he do that with the eyes of the person as a very few people in the world can do it. Imran can also do eye make up but he’s not that master in doing eye make up (he has mentioned it at one place).

The most notable member of X-2 organization is Imran himself. Yes, that’s right! Imran himself. He works side by side with the other members and as well as control the whole secret service. Though, when he is working with the members, he’s still messing around and acting stupid but the fact of the matter is that the whole case is basically solve by Imran. Other members sometimes think that X-2 is being stupid as he has also hired Imran. Imran (on many occasions) has made fun of X-2 by saying that he’s a “rat” who is so scared that he never shows his identity. And he further said that if one day X-2 appeared in front of him, he’ll beat him and take all the salary which (Imran says) X-2 don’t give to Imran. Imran says that X-2 always takes work from him but never pays him. None of the member of Secret Service can think that Imran can be X-2 because he’s so silly and careless; whereas X-2 is a very responsible person and he have so many responsibilities for his country. Though they know that X-2 hides his personality because when he addresses them, X-2 changes his voice and talk in a deep voice.
X-2 got members all over the world but the active members are the ones which are present in the country where Imran lives them and one of them is “Black Zero” who is the most favourite subordinate of X-2 (Imran). And the strangest thing is that none of the member of Secret Service knows about Black Zero. Imran (X-2) thinks that’s its good for them to not know that there is another person who is working with them which they are not aware of. Black Zero is the only one subordinate/agent who knows Imran’s true identity. Black Zero has been trained to be able to replicate X-2's deep, hoarse voice and he gives orders to the secret service, acting as X-2 when Imran is in the 'field' working shoulder to shoulder with his subordinates and unable to give out orders without blowing his cover. This has the dual effect of ensuring his team members that Imran is not really X-2, something that almost all of them suspect at one time or another. “Black Zero” is the best member of the secret service as he has the best qualities as an agent and he NEVER lets X-2 down. Black Zero has got many of qualities that Imran has but on a lower level. But that “lower level” is a very “big level” for others. After “Black Zero”, “Safdar Saeed” is the most prominent, respectful and loyal agent. He rarely lets X-2 down. He respects Imran very much (by heart) and always says “If Mr. Imran is not X-2, than he is not anything less than X-2” as Safdar, at many occasion has seen Imran in full action. After Safdar Saeed, Juliana Fitnerwater is another very talented member. Juliana is a beautiful Swedish girl, who “was” in love with X-2 in the early days when Imran has not joined the Secret Service. She always wanted to see X-2 though she was also afraid of him along with other members. X-2 has mentioned at many occasions when he was addressing Juliana that she has seen him at many occasions but has always ignored him. But when Imran joins the Secret Service, Juliana gets very impressed by his qualities so she starts loving him and opened her heart for him and cares about him so much but Imran always publicly laughs off her romantic advances, although he does care about her. Juliana is the one who thinks “that Imran is X-2” but none of the members can actually believe it. She one times said in clear terms to Imran that he is actually X-2, to be honest, Imran was shocked at that moment but he managed it very well. Because at many occasions when Imran was with Julia and at the same time X-2 is giving both of them orders. Though Juliana still thinks that X-2 / Imran can do anything.

There are many secret service hideouts and safe-houses in the books, like Danish Manzil which is the head quarter of the organization. And each agent of Secret Service knows that X-2 lives there but no one has the courage to go in that building. Everyone knows that X-2 has only given Imran the permission to enter that building. Besides that Imran has a personal building of his own known as “Rana Palace”, besides his ordinary flat where he lives. When he’s in that building, he is knows as the “Prince Rana” and since he has done make-up (a procedure which changes the face of a person completely) no one recognizes him. At that point the readers know that how rich Imran actually is. And there Imran shows his another face of his character in which he is a “blue blood” and there he never acts stupidly as a matter of fact, he looks very serious and those people who makes fun of Imran when he is in normal condition don’t dare to even come near him. These buildings are state of the art establishments, which are really camouflaged fortresses.

Imran, most of the times drives a two seeter sports car which he has parked in the garage of his 3 rooms flat where is always live. Though he also has a “Buke” a very luxury car which is always parked in the garage of “Rana Palace”.

Among Imran's many quirks, is his habit of exercising by hanging upside down in the bedroom, in the morning. When someone asks him what he's doing, he calmly replies that he is praying.

Being so funny, Imran has a “punch line” or a favourite quote, which he has mentioned at many occasions. He says that in such a way that the whole situation and his act of reciting that sentence, makes everyone laughs. That line is “array baap ray!!!” which in English means “holy father”.